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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Aurora and Birdie

Just after I came home from the Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, I got the itch to create something. I created the bird you see above. I was amused when MizBohemia sent me the Template that she made for me, that the color scheme was the same as in this silly bird. I made him before I had all the problems with the various medications and their effect on my system. I noticed that he looks the way I feel.....holding his stomach and cross eyed.....I have been seen doing just this lately LOL Oh! yes, I also made the mushrooms to go with the bird.....don't ask me....I was compelled to make them ;0
The other photo is of a sculpt I did this summer. It is attached to a tree stump that I see just out my bedroom window, when I sit at my dressing table. I always felt that this stump had the shape of a lady and that it just needed a head and wings. Her name is Aurora.....first light or dawn. It is also the first name in Aurora Borealis, the light show that fills the Icelandic sky in the dark of winter


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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Am Baaaack!

I am baaaack. This past week has been a challenge for me. It all started with getting a cold shortly after coming home from the Rehabilitation Center. Then from the cold I got a sinus infection. Because of the knee replacements an infection anywhere in my body is a no, no, I got antibiotics from the Doctor. Long story short. The antibiotics killed all the bad and good bacteria in my stomach, so that for 48 hours the only exercise I got, was from my bed to the bathroom. Imodium D was prescribed for that and another problem reared it’s ugly head.....gas...pains....loss of appetite....as a result I lost one week. I am now eating yogurt so that the good bacteria will come back.
I was too weak to read anything on the computer or otherwise. I started resenting the wonderful young Olympic Athletes.......can they not be still? What is with all this gliding, jumping, slaloming, smiling, and having a good time?......Yet I was glued to the TV watching youth and health. Last night for the first time I actually enjoyed what I was watching, my favorite, Women’s Figure Skating, that seems to be a signal, I am back and feeling better and stronger. Tomorrow I start Out Patient Physical Therapy, I am excited about that. I am walking with a cane and in theory when you start walking with the cane you can start driving.....I say in theory as I would be hard pressed to drive at this point. First I need to be able to get into the car by myself, then I would need to be able to, at a moments notice, step on the brake....cannot do anything with my legs without deliberate thinking.
What I am proud of, however, is that four weeks after the operation, I am walking with a cane.....I am told this is unusual, as normally it takes six weeks after a double knee replacement......I only know what they tell me:) I refuse to have any more slow downs, I need to dance at the wedding in July.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Valentine List

Happy Valentine Everyone. Today I am counting my blessings. I am grateful for all the people in my life that bring me love and happiness. Bloggers, I have noticed, love lists so I thought I would make my own list.
I am grateful for MizBohemia who gave me this wonderful template. She had made one for the "The Ice Queen" aka Monika I mentioned how much I loved Monika’s new template and that I was rather green............I meant as in envy and ability. The very next day MizBohemia sent me the lovely template that you see here.....no changes, exactly like she sent it. I was amazed how well she knew me, and how she could zero in on just what I would love. Thank you my dear kind and generous MizBohemia.
My son Brian, launched my new template for me, as it would have taken me several days in my current condition, to figure out how to do it without losing all my posts. Thank you my wonderful, talented, handsome, loving son for always being there for me. I wish you and Mette a life filled with Love. I am grateful and thrilled that you found each other.
My husband Ken has been a prince through all that I have been going through lately. He helps me do what I cannot do on my own. He has filled numerous bags with ice for me to place on my knees, when the pain and swelling gets unbearable. He has awakened from his sleep many nights in a row, when I needed help. He has shopped, cooked, cleaned done laundry, chauffeured my parents to places they need to go......My father at 91 has stopped driving and my Mother has not driven for years, do to an eye problem.......he has done all this and much, much more, along with his job, without complaining......he is my treasure and I feel blessed that we have been married for 34 years.
I am grateful for my parents, it is a privilege to have them in our lives. They are a generous and loving couple, that have been a role model for me for 51 years.
For all my friends and family, I feel privileged to have you in my life, I love you all.
This is the end of my list, a Valentine Gift to you and me.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Triathlon Knees and Nurse Crachet

Thank you all for your good wishes. I am home now and getting used to my newTriathlon knees I have had many adventurers in the last few weeks. Three days in the hospital and two weeks in the Rehabilitation Center, where two of my nurses were, Nurse Crachet and her apprentice. I was know in the Center as “The Bi-lateral knee replacement in 108B” according to Nurse Crachet who was briefing her apprentice during a shift change. They were talking in the hallway right in front of my room and discussing whether I could walk to the bathroom, how long I could sit up, whether I could bathe myself, they talked about my lack of appetite.......actually I had a good appetite except for the food they served :( Had it not been for my fruit bowl supplied by Angela and my family. The soups and other goodies, Angela and my Mother brought and the Pizza Party we had in my room one evening, I would have lost more weight than I have. Now back to Nurse Crachet and her apprentice, they proceeded to discuss other personal information, that I shall spare you, it had to do with bodily functions. My face was beet red as they were discussing this in the hallway and I am sure this conversation could be heard by the patients and their company, in all the rooms around mine......when you are a patient the first thing you need to do is check your dignity, humor and personality at the door. There should be a disclaimer saying “Check your dignity, humor and individuality here. Nurse Crachet and her apprentices will make sure they will not be used by you or any other patient in the facility”.Mercifully there were nurses and nurses aids that I loved, they were caring and most helpful, but the memory of Nurse Crachet and her apprentice really shook me up.
There were highlights in my day, that was the times I went to physical therapy. There were three wonderful therapists in charge of my therapy. One is an stunning African-American lady who was responsible for the fact that I had a 90 degree bend in my knees, when I went back to the Doctor to have the stables taken out. My occupational therapist is from India, she is beautiful and had many ideas and lot’s of equipment to help me be as independent as possible. Then there was a very handsome all American male......who I suspect was hiding a six pack under his very stylish shirts......he was the case manager.....I was the case he was managing :) I enjoyed every painful moment of my twice a day physical therapy, here was the only place I heard laughter and where they were interested in you as a person.
Every day is better and I feel stronger. I learned yesterday that next week I will shed the walker....the walker cramps my style ;~) .......and I will go to a cane......not bad for three weeks after surgery. The Bionic Woman is emerging......hear me roar.

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