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Friday, March 09, 2007

Blue Frog

I just finished this needle felted blue frog, that is on his way to Texas.
I always have butterflies in my stomach, when a piece of my art is on it’s way to a customer.
My head is filled with thoughts like “I hope it does not get lost in the mail” “What if they don’t like it and think they have spent too much money on the piece?” and “I wonder, I hope, I think, I know. I don’t know” in other words I drive myself crazy until I hear from the customer.
I have been lucky so far, as most of my customer have said that my pieces look better in person than in photos. So I guess the answer is to take bad pictures. I am good at that ;^) That is why I am taking classes in Photo Shop and reading my digital camera manual. I just hope that my photos won’t look better than my art in the future, that would defeat the purpose.

There seems to be a Blue Theme on this blog and To Live A Creative Life, where there are Blue Birds and A Blue Cat, go see for yourself ;)


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Monday, March 05, 2007

Artist Date

Lately I have been reading a lot of Mixed Media, Fashion and Life Style blogs. I am charmed by these blogs and have shown you quite a few of them here. One of my favorites is Ullabenulla. Ulla links to an amazing variety of web sites for one to visit and be inspired by.
Another new favorite is A Fanciful Twist. This blog belongs to....I quote her here from her about page, "I am a strange and curiously artistic woman from the 1800's trapped in the body of a thirty year old girl living in the year 2006 in a bizarre Arizona." Go ahead and read the rest of her bio....you will be glad you did :) I am enchanted by her art....her blog is full of her fancifull drawings....,energy and charm.

For years I have had an artist date....a day set aside for myself, to explore places where I can find inspiration for my art and lifestyle.
A few years before my knee replacement surgery, I would go out for perhaps an hour or two, and then come home more exhausted than inspired. Thankfully those days are behind me, now I come back inspired and in one case recently, with a big commission for my work.
A week ago I found myself in Collingswood, NJ and while there I visited a charming place called "The Painted Cottage".
Valerie Boothroyd, is an artist and the owner of "The Painted Cottage".
Here are some things I found in her store.

This is the furniture that Valerie has altered.

I fell for these bags.

More lovely bags.

Easter displays.

Now hop on over to "To Live A Creative Life" and see what I am showing over there :)


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