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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Coming Back

I will be back in a couple of days. Working on two posts to delight and amaze you......OK, perhaps that is overstating it, but do come back.....please.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Fom Our House To Yours

Thanksgiving is my Husbands favorite Holiday. He is from New England where Thanksgiving was invented.
We will be six at our house, Friends and Family. As I was setting the table, I was thinking of our loved ones. Family and Friends who are no longer with us, who have left a mark on our hearts. Family and Friends who are far away from us in milage, but live in our hearts.
The china on the table is Lenox, the last of the New Jersey, American made. Glasses, Great, great, grandparents on my husbands side....marked with an P. Vine glasses a wedding present. Flatware a 50th anniversary present from my Father to his parents....marked with an R. Tablecloth made by me....I love to make tablecloths for every occasion. Pumpkins from CVS :) Candlesticks made by my Husbands Grandfather. The table setting has a meaning to us because of the memory of the people who owned or made some of these items, however, what means most to us are the people who have graced our lives. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Doll Artist Robert Keene McKinley

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Bob and I, at a Doll Exhibit in King of Prussia, PA 1992.

In 1993 I had the pleasure of taking a doll making class with Bob McKinley (Robert Keene McKinley) at Gloria Weiner’s (Mimi)place in New Jersey.
This class was and is the one and only class, on doll making, that I have taken so far. The whole time we were in the class Bob regaled us with stories about his life and work. He told us jokes, danced around the room and gave us all help with our sculpting and complimented us when we were doing well. It was the most fun I have ever had in any class. At the same time he was serious when it came to teaching us techniques, that he had come up with, through hard work and experimentation.
This was only a year before he died. During that year except for the last three months of his life, Bob and I talked on the phone often and exchanged letters. He was never too busy to talk on the phone, while he was talking, he was working on a doll and occasionally popping M&M’s in his mouth. One time I said to him “Bob, would you share your M&Ms with me, if I were there” he gave one of his, special cackling laughs, and said “Well you would have to bring your own chocolates and share them with me.” We would talk about chocolate and it’s merits. We had one thing in common, we were both incurable chocoholics.
Bob had a way with people, even though he claimed to be shy. I don’t think he ever met a person he could not share something with, a joke, advice in doll making, or just ordinary chit chat. He was approachable and never made you feel that you had to put him up on a pedestal, even though he was considered one of the best Doll Artists in the country. He was a member of the prestigious Doll Artist group NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists).Go there and read more about Bob and to see more of his dolls.
Bob’s first book “Doll Making: One Artist's Approach” came about because a lady in Kentucky wrote him and asked him questions about doll making. Bob made a doll, as he was making the doll, he would take a polaroids and write directions on each step and send those to her each week. In the end he sent her the doll. This shows you how kind and generous Bob was. This book and his book “Sculpting Dolls in Paperclay” are selling on Amazon for astronomical sums, and are worth every penny..
Bob also made a video in which he made a doll and showed step by step how he sculpted and finished a doll.
I feel that I was very lucky that I took his class, as I have the memory of a friendship, albeit short, and I use techniques he taught us in that class, to this day.
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Bob with one of his creations.
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Bob demostrating technique, in our class.
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Front and back covers of his Doll Making books. Click to see larger immages and to read his messages to his readers.
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A panel for an AIDS quilt in his memory. The drawing is a copy of one he made for his book "Sculpting Dolls in Paperclay" participates at NIADA 1995 and 1996 signed the panel.
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When we were taking his class in NJ, we all went out to dinner together. I said to Bob "Take a bite of something, so that I can show people that I had dinner with you". This was the result.....I can hear his laugh right now.....he would have loved this.


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Friday, November 10, 2006

Autumn Photos

This is my favorite time of year, I love the other seasons also, but in the Autumn nature displays my favorite colors. I also like to hear the crunch of leaves, as I walk through them.
I am preparing other Artist Features and will post them soon. So for the time being here are some lovely Autumn in New Jersey photos.

Log Cabin in Medford Lakes, NJ

From our Japanese Style Garden

A statue by the Library in Medford. I wish I could tell you who the sculptor is, however, there is no credit on or near the statue. The Library is closed today, I will call them on Monday to find out who the sculptor is.

I found out from the Library, that the name of the sculptor is Guy Schover. He gave the scupture in memory of his Father. He lives in Maryland.
I tried to find out more about him on the web but could not find a thing....I hope I have spelled his name right. I will do more study and keep you posted.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good Friends

Autumn is beautiful for us this year. I feel invigorated and ready for the busy times ahead.
We had house guests this weekend, friends of twenty four years.
He is a Landscape Designer who has taught us much about plants, trees and garden design. He helped us design one of our gardens that we sadly had to leave behind. We have seen many gardens and flower shows with them. He collects American antique silver, and was able to find some flatware by an Philadelphia silver smith, after much search in Labertville, NJ, New Hope, PA and in Philadelphia. It seems fitting that he found what he was looking for in Philadelphia..
She breeds Pugs and our dear little Pugs Tansy and Toby, who for fifteen years gave us much pleasure and joy were bred by her. She is an artist and a philanthropist, collects American Indian art and worked at one time at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC.
They are gourmet cooks and one of their specialties is Indonesian Rijsttafel. We all went to our favorite Indonesian restaurant in Philadelphia, that serves authentic Indonesian food.
These were good four days with great friends, good food and great conversations with many good laughs.

We went to the Red Barn, our favorite pie place, to order pies for Thanksgiving.
Pie anyone?

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