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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Favorite Places in Arhus

I have fallen in love with Denmark, that is a good thing, for two reasons.
One: My son and daughter-in-law live there, as well as their extended family. We all get along well and have a great time together .
Two: Now you won’t be listening to me just talking about Iceland, I will also be talking about Denmark.
Here are photos of some of my favorite places in Arhus.

On the street where they live.

Farther down the street where they live.

Someone knew I was coming.

We stopped here for coffee at 11:00AM, there were others there, who had the same idea.

We visit this family everytime we go to Arhus.

Shopping....what more need I say? :)

The oldest street in Arhus....I have people on a look out for a For Sale sign.
I can dream can't I?

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Thursday, August 24, 2006
The cake in the garden, where it was served with Champagne and Coffee

The little pair I made for the Wedding Cake, in Mette and Brian’s apartment window.

The cake was an amazing and a beautiful creation. The brides Mother made three sizes of a delicious five layer chocolate cake, filled with chocolate butter cream between each layer.
My sister-in-law made roses and stephanotis flowers out of gum paste, at her home in New Hampshire, ready to be placed on the cake after she frosted it in Denmark.
I made the topper and purchased the Grecian columns here in the States. In Denmark I helped and gave my Sister-in-law morale support, while she was frosting and constructing the cake, right after her long flight from the US to Denmark.
Before we arrived in Denmark there were many phone calls between New Hampshire, New Jersey and Denmark. We talked about what our plans were and what we need to buy and where and who would buy each item need for the cake.
Many years ago my Sister-in-law was a professional cake decorator with a booming business. She had decorated many cakes for my Son’s Birthdays so it had now come full circle she decorated his Wedding Cake.
I venture a guess that not many wedding cakes are made by the Mother of the Bride, the Grooms Aunt and the Mother of the Groom, in three different place and two countries.
The cake was a huge success as most of the Danish people had never seen an American style Wedding Cake like it before.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Figaro aka Brobro.....my Mother and Dad’s lovely cat, died yesterday. He lived an amazing and charmed 16 years with them. I wrote a blog some time agoabout him that you can see here.
We buried him under the branches of a hemlock tree, that was his favorite contemplating life and hiding from the world space. He could see out but could not be seen by those who did not know he was there.
This lovely spot is behind the gazebo where he spent many happy times with us, as we enjoyed the garden, birds, bees and butterflies by day and the fire-flies in the evening. He was much loved and will be sorely missed.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wedding in Denmark

I danced the night away.....well almost. I danced six dances, slow ones and fast ones.....goal accomplished and it feels so good :)
The wedding was the most beautiful I have ever seen. There was a week of celebration, as people arrived from all corners of the world, The United States, Iceland, Germany, Italy, Spain and from various parts of Denmark.
The weather was perfect not a drop of rain until three days after the wedding. Denmark has not had such a good summer in recent history.
The Bride and Groom looked like a Prince and a Princess, they glowed with happiness and all those around them basked in their light.

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