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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I have been blogging for one year......Happy Anniversary to me :)
I had been thinking about doing a blog for quite some time, but lacked the courage.
Linda, a friend who is a doll artist and children’s book illustrator, belongs to a doll artist group ODACT in Connecticut, that I was a member off. Linda already had her own blog "antinomia" that I had started reading.
When I finally plucked up courage to go ahead and start my own blog, I e-mailed Linda and asked her for help on how to begin. Linda walked me through the first stages of blogging and the rest as they say, is history.
I was very shy, however, I realized that the only way to make friends in blog land, was to comment on other peoples blogs. The first blog I commented on, after Linda was an Icelandic lady, Greta on ...inni í litlu húsi... I found her blog while looking up Icelandic Artists on google.
I met the group that I call “The Inner Circle” though "The Ice Queen"when I was displaying my Jolasveinar, the thirteen Christmas Elves from Iceland. I had found her when I googled one of the Jolasveinar’s name. Monika, the name she was known by then, was blogging on the Jolasveinar that were illustrated on Milk cartons, from one of the Icelandic dairies. She was very nice and immediately told “The Inner Circle” to stop over at my blog to see my Jolasveinar. That was when I met most of you, that come over and visit me :)
Bloggers never cease to amaze me by their thoughtfulness and kindness. One of the kindest is our Miz Bohemia, who is my team member and friend.
The first time I had experience with MizB’s kindness, was when I came back from surgery in Jauary and found that Monika, who’s blog until then had been know as “According to Monika”, was now called “ Ice Queen” and had a new template. I found out that the template had been a MizBohemia creation. I loved it and I guess I showed how green with envy I was.......I know not very charming........ am not proud of that.....however, this envy opened a whole new chapter for me.
Miz Bohemia told me that she could make a nice template for me and sent me an example through e-mail. I was delighted and up it went and my new home looked so very lovely.
A few weeks ago I added a new artist feature to my blog and felt that I needed to have a header with my own work. Miz Bohemia came to my rescue again. I cannot imagine not having Miz Bohemia in my life.....it would be a very dull life indeed.....and I would not know how kind and generous some very special bloggers are. Thank you all for a great blog year.

Since it is Halloween I am adding more photos of Bonnie’s Halloween Creations and a couple of my own. Happy Halloween.

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Nodder Pulltoy by Bonnie Jones
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Witchie by Bonnie Jones
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Frost and Pumkinhead by Bonnie Jones
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Who's There? by Mo'a
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Ooooooh!!!nooooo!!! by Mo'a

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Bonnie Jones Doll Artist

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A Halloween Witch by Bonnie Jones

Bonnie Jones lives in Natchez, Mississippi with her husband and a Scottish Terrier. She began her journey in the doll world making cloth dolls. Later she discovered polymer clay, that is when she felt that a whole new world had opened up for her . She now uses a range of clays from different polymer clays, which require firing, to some of the air dry clays. All of the costuming is designed and made by Bonnie. She searches for vintage fabric and trims in antique shops for the costumes, to give her dolls a unique look.
Along with her popular Santa Claus figures she creates other fantasy figures, such as faeries, wizards and mermaids. She has a line called “Holiday Collectibles” which consists of Folk Art pieces including figures for Halloween, that are featured here. Most of these pieces are sculpted from the air dry clays and painted with acrylics and then antiqued to give them an aged patina.
Although Bonnie is basically self-taught, she has taken classes with Jack Johnston and Barbara VanNoy who teaches skin texturing and hand-tied eyelashes. Barbara is considered to be her mentor and friend and someone who has given her the confidence to continue in this venture.
Bonnie Jones is one of the artists that I have met through the on line doll makers list. She is a doll artist that I admire, not only for her talent as a doll artist, but also for her ability and savvy when it comes to promoting herself and her art. Other doll artist would do well to take a page out of her book.
If you google Bonnie’s name you will find that she belongs to many internet groups. Here are some of the places you will find her art on the internet. This is her web site. Here she is the artist of the month. She can be found here on this links site. My clever friend can be found on a "Google Top Shopping List" under "Art Dolls". She is a member of the "Professional Doll Makers' Art Guild". Here she is a "Featured Artist" of the month October 2006, on the "Global Fantasy Dolls" web site and here and on "Homemade in America"
She is one of the artists that the "Santa Fanatic" collects.
Bonnie lives in Mississippi so naturally she would find a way to link herself on their web site They say on their site, "Let Us Be Your Guide For Finding Mississippi Business on The Web" clever woman. Do you wonder why I so admire her business savvy? She is a member of the "Electic Cottage" site, "Original Art and Craft Online". In September 2005 she was a "Froud Artist of The Month", very prestigious, the Frouds are the Holy Grail of fantasy art. I highly recommend that you visit their site. In November 2005 a featured artist on "Art Space 2000". She is on "Epilogue" and on "Primitive Folk Art Treasures of Today".
She has some of her Halloween figures on "Halloween Year Round".
She became a member of ODACA "Original Doll Artist Council of America" in July 2006. To become a member of ODACA one must present a portfolio, if the Membership/Standards Committee has accepted the applicant, after reviewing the CD that the Doll Artist has presented . Phase three is attending their annual convention ODACA Days and presenting three pieces of work. If the Standards Committee accepts the work, the applicant becomes a member.
On top of all this, Bonnie lists one or more of her pieces on ebay each week. She is now listing Halloween figures and will start listing her Christmas pieces, after Halloween

Bonnies work has been published in the following publications: "Contemporary Doll Collector", "Dolls", "Art Doll Quarterly", "The Crafts Report" ,"Country Roads", "Doll Crafter" and the new book "Christmas Dolls" by Joan M. Pursley.

Here is Bonnies Artist Statement:
I am passionate about creating one of a kind figurative art dolls. My love of art and music gave me the desire to create my own art, and the art doll gives me an arena to create pieces of art that evoke emotion. When I see someone smile or shed a tear while looking at my figures I know I have accomplished my endeavor. My journey in dollmaking or figurative sculpture has been so very satisfying, and I hope to continue along this path improving my skills and hopefully transferring my love of this art form to the person who decides to have one of my pieces in their life.

Feast your eyes are Bonnies Halloween creations. Enjoy and say hello to my friend and featured artist.
  Posted by PicasaWhimsical Halloween
  Posted by PicasaMr. Jinkles
  Posted by PicasaWitch on a Duck Gourd
  Posted by PicasaClose-up of Which on a Duck Gourd
  Posted by PicasaGoth Pumkinhead
  Posted by PicasaGoth Halloween
  Posted by PicasaWhite Witch


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Saturday, October 14, 2006


I am working on two artist posts that will be ready in a couple of weeks.
The first one is an artist that is a great favorite of mine, who does phenomenal Halloween figures. Do you love the timing?
In the meantime I am posting a few of my own creations. These I do for fun and rest from some of the more complicated pieces.

Siggi, he refuses to leave home

Fere Elves, they are like Siggi, so they live here

Benedikt, he lives in Hungary

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Friday, October 06, 2006

New Coats

My Mother and I have had a wonderful time lately looking at old photos and talking about times past.
I came across a photo of my Mother taken when she was six years old.....she is now eighty three. I was struck by this photo as it reminded me of two other photos, one of me when I was four years old and another of my son at the age of four..
The quality of the photos had improved over the forty eight year, however, the story and the poses are very much alike. We are all wearing new coats, notice how our smiles have a familial look.

My Mother. She looks so cute cradling her little doll and wearing her new coat.

This is me, wearing a new coat that my Mother had made for me. She made the hat to match.

Brian wearing the Gucci coat and hat that my Mother bought for him. How cute :)

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