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Monday, April 30, 2007

A Celebration Give Away

I am an Amma (Grandmother) it happened two weeks ago, when the little bundle was born ten days early in the land of Denmark.
When my son called to tell me the news, I was making little bunting Chrysalis (pupa) figures.
Their faces are made from a silk cocoons, needle felted bodies covered with mulberry fibers, silk hair. Some are embelished with beads and others with silk yarn, all have a loop for hanging.
I frequent many blogs by mixed media artists, who have a lovely habit of sharing their work with their readers.
To celebrate the fact that I am a first time Amma (Grandmother) I would like to give away three of the little Chrysalis figures. All who comment on this post will have their names entered in a pool from which I will draw three winners. Here are photos of some of the Chrysalis. Good luck :)
On “To Live A Creative Life” you can see a photo of our lovely Grandson.


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Studio

The last several months have been devoted to getting the studio in shape. It is in a very glamorous space...my basement.
The first thing we did was put in a lot of lighting. Then we painted and waterproofed the walls, for that I got lot’s of help, as you can see on this post over at “To Live A Creative Life”. For several weeks I devoted my time to painting and decorating the walls, that I face when I am at my work table.
Then Ken laid a floor down for me with peel and stick tiles...this is a basement remember :)
I have a separate room for my supplies, it used to be a bedroom. We have another bedroom down there that is going to be my Library. There is even a bathroom down there that comes in very handy. A couple of teenage girls had their bedrooms down there, before we lived here.
I have all I need, in my new studio, to be comfortable while I create my Art.
Here are some photos. The room looks a lot better than my photos...but you get the idea :)
“Let The Magic Begin”, this is a saying that Marilyn Radzat has in her studio, I love having this saying on my wall...reminds me of many magical times I have had through my art.

“Here There Be Art ---------> And A Dragon” my attempt at humor. I need humor in my Life and Art.

Between the two walls.

My sewing area.

To my left when I sit at my work table.

A window, through which I see the seasons change.

My work table.


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Saturday, April 07, 2007

For the Senses

This week for my Artist Date I stayed here in Medford, NJ. After delivering the faces, see previous post, to the Knitting Room. I walked across the street to another favorite store For the Senses.
For the Senses specializes in Modern Fragrances, Antique Perfume Bottles, Candles and Gifts.
This store is one of the most Girly Girl stores I have ever been into.
Here are some photos to tickle your senses.

In this photo are some large bottles, that were used for perfume counter display.

Don’t you just love this cabinet?

Everywhere you look there are lovely vignettes.

I love these teas, the bags are pyramid shaped. I drink a lot of tea. I think I need a teacup that is as large as the one in this photo.


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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Knitting Room

I was astounded, when I noticed how long it has been since the last time I posted.
The reason for my absence was computer problems. Just when I thought they were fixed, I had a slew of new problems, this time with my connection. After hours of tech help we are now up and running.

I had a lovely commission from my favorite yarn and knitting supply store, located here in Historic Medford, NJ, “The Knitting Room”
This store has the most wonderful yarns sorted and displayed by color. The official greeter of the store is the lovely little Pomeranian, Cierra.

I needed a snap for the felted bag that I showed a few posts ago. I took the bag to the Knitting Room. The owner of the store fell in love with the embellished face. She asked me whether I would consider making ten of them for her store. I told her I would and when I left the store, I was armed with all manner of yarns to use for embellishment. Aren’t they yummy?
I have now completed the ten faces and they are ready to be delivered. Here are some photos to show you how they turned out

Come over to, "To Live A Creative Life" and see what else I have been up to.


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