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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back From Vacation

I know, I know. You have been wondering what happened to me.....You have, haven’t you?
I am fine, I just gave myself a little vacation.
My vacation started in Iceland and Denmark and then continued here at home. Now, I did not sit on my hands, or just stare into space.....OK!!! just for a few moments, then back to my working vacation. I made ten more of these.

Then I battled the Gypsy Moth caterpillars and the results of their eating all the leaves of several of our Oak Trees.....what goes in must come out.

On top ot that.....it rained!!!
Here is what I had to do, until we decided that four hours of cleaning the walk with scrub brush and a hose is not the way to go.....the pressure hose arrives today.

There are hundreds of Gypsy Moth Fellas, doing whatever it is they do, besides fly. When I walk out the door they come in droves and head straight for my face.....now, I like attention....but, this is just too much.

Come to think of it after we left Denmark I have not had much of a vacation.....OK!!! I did put my computer aside for a while and ignored my cyber friends....but is that any kind of vacation?....I would call that neglect.......I am so sorry :( However, I am back for better or worse.

We had four glorious days in Iceland with friends and family.
When I think back on our time there, I realized that almost everyone we saw on this trip, is an Artist.
My cousin Elinros is a painter, my very good friend of many years, Katrin is a Puppet and Mask artist and a costume designer both freelance, for movies etc., and for the National Theater of Iceland.
We had dinner at the home of longtime friends, the husband is the owner and head designer of Jens jewelry shop in Iceland, he is also a sculptor. At the dinner party was an other artist, she is the sister of our hostess. Since there were four artist at the party, there was a lot of Art talk.....I thought I had died and gone to Artist Heaven.

I will tell you more about my Artist Friends and Family in Iceland in later posts.....there will be photos and links. I promise!!!!!

For photos of the Denmark trip please go to, To Live A Creative Life.


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