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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hello everyone. I am back from our trip to Italy. We had a wonderful time, however, I brought a souvenir back with me that I really did not want......a cold, sinus infection and a hacking cough.
I visit your blogs, but don’t have the energy to comment. I miss my blog friends.
I will be back, once I get my bleary head, screwed back on. Happy Halloween!!!!!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Picinic With Blog Friends

A week ago I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time Constance, Karen, Susanna and Rena. I am always amazed at how easy it is to talk to fellow bloggers, even though we had not met in person before.

We had a delectable picnic catered by the very talented Constance.

We had planed to go to a park close to Princeton, NJ, however, it was overcast and threatening rain so Susanna’s friend Rena offered her home. As it turned out the Sun came out and we had a picnic in Rena’s back yard. In photo from left to right, Karen, Constance and Rena.

Karen showed us photos of one of her Art Books. I was enthralled by them and cannot wait to see one of her books in person.
Susanna showed us a couple of her amazing Sketch Books and one of her beautiful encaustic canvases.
Constance showed us a wonderfulPurse that she makes from antique fur collars and her charming Floralinas.
Rena told us about the book she has just finished writing.
I brought Lepaludur, Candle Sniffer, Princess Papillon and a little needle felted bear.

Thank you Constance, Karen, Susanna and Rena for a wonderful time. I cannot wait for another
outing with my amazing new best friends.

I have a problem uploading photos at the moment...Please go to Constance's, Karen's and Susanna's blogs to see more photos. Links are in the Thank you paragraph above.
I will try to load photos as soon as the problem is solved.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Elinrós Eyjólfsdóttir Icelandic Artist

I have known her all my life, she is my cousin. She is nine months older than I am...she will just love that I am telling you that ;] Her name is Elinrós Eyjólfsdóttir,Ella for short. Elinrós was named for our Grandmother, Elinrós...such a beautiful name.
We have been friends all our life. At one time we lived only doors away from each other. Now we live an ocean apart, however, we see each other at least once a year, either here in the US or in Iceland. Each time we meet it is like we have never been apart. We love to talk about Art and our Art Journey.
In the 1980's Ken and I lived in Saratoga Springs, NY where Ella and I spent several summers at Skidmore College at the same time, Ella in the Painting Department and I in the Sculpting and Ceramics Department. We attended many art lectures together and talked about the art we had seen and art we would like to create...Those were lovely times.
When we were little girls growing up in Iceland, along with her four sisters, brother and our cousins, we would make art together. One big project each year was making Christmas cards. Those were wonderful times, that I remember fondly.
We love and admire each others art and abilities. I am delighted that I am able to introduce my cousin, my friend and fellow artist Elinrós Eyjólfsdóttir.

Elinrós has been creating all her life. When we were growing up in Iceland all young girls learned the Domestic Arts, knitting, sewing and cooking. We were taught by our Mothers and Grandmother and in our Schools ...Ella excelled and became proficient in whatever she set out to create.

She became interested in Porcelain Painting and in the summers of 1978 to 1981 she took private lessons at Studio Glee, in Dowling, Colorado.

Elinrós became interested in furthering her art education in 1982 -1985 she attended Myndlistaskólinn í Reykjavík(Reykjavik School of Visual Art) and from 1982 to 1987 she attended the Myndlista og Handíðaskóli Íslands (The Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts) now know as Listaháskóli Íslands (The Iceland Academy of the Arts)
where she earned her Art Degree.
She has also studied art Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY seven summers from 1986 to 1995. In Copenhagen, Denmark in 1988 and in Italy in 1997.
Elinrós has had 14 One Woman Shows and has been in 10 Group Shows of which 3 were in the US and one in the UK.

There have been numerous articles written about her and her art in Icelandic Publications and various Foreign Publications.

Ella’s art can be purchased in Gallerí Lind in Iceland and on the web. Her Son and Daughter-in-law own the Gallery. Please make sure you check out their web site...it is a great site not only to see Ella’s art but also a great sampling of other Icelandic Art.

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