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Monday, January 16, 2006

Favorite Photos and Dancing in July

Wednesday, January 18th is the day for the long awaited knee surgery. So my friends, I will not be posting for about two weeks. Keep me in your thoughts and I am sure I will be just fine and that I will come back stronger than ever. I plan to be dancing in July, at my Son’s and future Daughter-in-law’s wedding in Denmark.
Here are some of my favorite photos. Want the place to look good while I am away.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Our Japanese Style Garden in the Snow

Our Japanese Style Garden this morning.
We love how the snow makes everything magical.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Passing the Torch

Several posts ago I talked about the fact that I consider myself older and that I would not use the word old. I thought I would elaborate here. I left this on Richards blog today after reading his post about his feelings on this subject.

Great post.....as you know I believe in the word, older and not old....the primary reason is, that I believe people buy into their own labels :) Artist, Old, Beautiful, Ugly, Smart, Dumb I will not even go into the other labels, that make the hair on my neck stand up.......*cringe* We should as human being, be evolved enough to know that we are what we believe we are.....or in the labels we attach to ourselves.

That being said, it is not easy being an old or older person in today’s world. Take for instance the computer. Young people have grown up with computers and related technology. Most of the older generation have not and has to make a conscious decision, whether or not embrace the new technology. When the decision is made, the older generation turns to the younger generation for instruction and help, many feel this is backwards. Most every thing such as music, movies, fashion etc. is geared to the younger generation. We see much of what was drilled into us as children, table manners, courtesy, respect for our elders etc. has changed.....I will not go into whether I feel it is for the better or for the worse, the fact is, that it has changed. This, to many, is irritating and confusing.
What we need to do, is to see the world for what it is, not the way we think it should be. Every generation has had the opportunity to get it either right or wrong. We have done our job, now it is their turn, we are in the process of passing the torch. At the same time, I will be working with them, enjoying their company and giving them my respect. There is much right about the world and for that I am grateful. I also realize that the younger generation has much work ahead of them. My hope is that they have been well prepared.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

You Can Start Here

I hope the saying ”It’s never too late" is true. In any case here I am, alerting you to the De-lurking week. I found out about this through Tamarika and found the nifty banner here. Thank you Sheryl. My little fingers are praying for mercy, as I have been typing my message on numerous blogs all day......it was fun:) Come on, you can do it, join the fun.....make new blog friends.......you will like it.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Things She Learned

This is a photo of me taken when I was six years old. I love how happy and natural I am, in this photo. There are so many things this little girl learned over the years. Here are some of the highlights.
She learned that she is the only one responsible for her happiness. She learned that what makes her happy, is the love she has in her heart. She learned that if you hold on too tight, love will slip away, if you give it freedom, it will stay.......a visual illustration of this is..... if you pick up sand and hold it too tight, the sand will slip through your fingers, if you hold it in the palm of your hand it will stay. She learned not to take things personally. Later she learned that, comfort is, wearing the right size bra and shoes that fit........and, that a sense of humor is her best asset.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Threttandinn.......Twelfth Night

Threttandinn.....Twelfth Night. There is magic in the air on this last night of Christmas and in Iceland it is celebrated with dances around bonfires.
The Jolasveinar have left and are now back with their charming parents Grila and Lepaludi and their pet cat. Kertasnikir......candle-beggar, is the last one to leave as he was the last one to arrive.
Since this is my last chance to show a Christmas related photo, here is one of good old St. Nick that I made in 1997. He lives in my Mother and Dad's home.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bionic Woman

Another countdown has begun. In 13 days I will become a bionic woman........I know unoriginal and trite, but I am sticking with it.
For seventeen long years, I have been dealing with damaged knees. Had I been a male athlete, I am sure I would have been cured by now. My doctors and I, have had to prove to my Insurance Company, that all other avenues had been explored before they will pay for knee replacements. Both of my knee injuries were sport related. Left knee was damaged when a friend and I were dancing to ACDC in the kitchen while cooking a delectable meal. Right knee was damaged on the treadmill. I know, I am stretching it a bit by calling them sport related injuries......but admit to old age related injuries, me never, after all I was only forty six seventeen years ago.
I was a young energetic and thin woman.......today I am an older....I will not use the word old for me, never, never even if I reach the age of 90.....I shall remain an older woman. So where was I.?Yes, yes, today I am an older and heavier woman, who with every step wills herself to take another one. My pride will not let me use a wheelchair or a cane, unless I am traveling alone, hiking in an Banyan Forest or walking a beach in Hawaii. My husband’s arm steadies me at most other times and makes me feel safe.
I am never amused when people in my age group......would you not like to know?........then again if you did the math, you know....start talking about their aches and pains and lamenting the fact that they are old. I find such discussions to be time wasters, unless it is spiked with self deprecating humor. So bear with me, I shall spare you all the details of my pre-op appointments, unless something hilarious happens.
*This post was written to fulfill my first resolution for 2006.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Best Gift

Our house feels empty. We sit and reminisce about our holiday, and come to the conclusion that our best gifts were not bought in a store, wrapped and tied in ribbons.

There are not many times in ones life, when we can live and feel the joy of life through the eyes of another. Our son and his lovely Danish girlfriend gave us this gift. When they looked at each other their love shone in their eyes. My greatest wish for my son has always been that he will have a life well lived and a person he loves to share it with.
We learned about Danish Christmas celebrations and made Julehjerter. We talked about customs shared by Danes and Icelanders, such as the rice pudding that has one whole almond in it and whoever finds the almond gets an extra present. We shared the way our family has blended the Icelandic and American customs and made our own unique way of celebrating Christmas.
Christmas Eve is Icelandic. The men in our family smoke a once a year cigar. The fragrance of the cigars mingled with the smell of the smoked lamb is what Mother and I remember from our homeland. The music is Icelandic. At the stroke of six we listen to a recording of the church bells of the of Reykjavik and a choir singing our favorite hymn. All the foods are from Iceland......smoked lamb with potatoes and peas in a white sauce and pickled red cabbage, followed by the rice pudding mentioned above. After dinner we open our presents as we listen to more Icelandic Christmas music.

Christmas morning we do a version of the American customs, beginning with opening the stocking presents. Over the years we have had many silly and fun toys in the stockings. After our son grew into a young man we started re-wrapping some of these and year after year they re-appear. We love playing with these toys because many of them are wind up toys. In the last two years that our son has lived in Denmark, we have had a turkey dinner with all the fixings. Turkey is not my favorite meat, however, last year we bought our turkey at Whole Foods, and I declared after last year's Christmas Day dinner, “This is the best turkey I have ever eaten. It tasted just like chicken.” I need not tell you how much teasing I have taken from my family for this declaration.
Another highlight of our Christmas this year was a present from my Husband.....tickets to see Die Fledermaus at the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center in New York City. We all enjoyed the whole experience of dressing up, driving to New York City, and enjoying the very funny Operetta. The sets, singing and acting were superb.

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