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Monday, July 17, 2006

Reclamation and Paloma

Last week when I posted a couple of photos of what I was working on, blogger would not let me upload more photos....why is that?
I wanted to share more about the chair. I finished it just before my company came from Denmark.
We had a small ceremony when it had been placed in the garden.
The name I have given it is “Reclamation”.
One day a year ago in the spring, Ken and I saw a discarded chair by the side of the road. I asked Ken to stop to pick up the chair. He stopped without questioning me and put the chair in the trunk of our car.....he knows me that well. The chair was a broken bamboo chair
that had seen it’s last days as a useful item for the family who threw it out. I claimed it and now I have given it back to nature, to reclaim what is her’s.
It is a large chair 30 inches at it’s widest part, 22 inches deep and at it’s highest point 50 inches. I used Apoxie Sculpt over branches that I covered with aluminum foil.
If one looks closely there are faces of all kinds, all over the chair, some are animal faces and other’s are of little elves and gnomes.
I named the female figure “Paloma (dove)” I love the way this word feels on the tongue and the mouth when you say it......Pa..lo...ma. To me she looks like a bird, with hair like feathers.
This is the largest piece I have made. The question I always get is “how long did it take you to make this?” This one time I know the answer....not in hours...*shudder*.......but in months. It took me three months of workdays.......some days longer than other’s.
I know that pride is one of the seven sins.....but just this once, I will allow myself that sin.


Paloma's mouth

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kitten Heels

About six months before my knee surgery, my cousin D and his wife H came for a visit. H had knee replacement surgery a year before the visit. H is a very stylish and beautiful woman, who on that occasion was wearing thongs with kitten heels.....then and there that became my goal. So here are my very beautiful new shoes. I was so excited when I got them, that I was tempted to take them to bed with me that night......just like I used to when I was a little girl.....not so long ago.....well maybe it was long ago.....but not in my mind.
I wore my beautiful shoes the day of the party that we had for our son and his fiancé :)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kitten Heels and More

First of all I would like to thank my loyal readers for checking on me while I was incommunicado.
I did not mean to take such a long vacation from posting, however, one thing lead to another and I never found time to post. Truth be known, I did not even use a computer for three weeks.....I was to busy living an actual life. Yes, it can be done......who would have thought?
So without further ado I will tell about some of my adventures.

Neva I finally found shoes with kitten heels......here is a photo of them, and to use one of your expressions, Ilovelovelove them. OK!!!!Arrrg!!!! no photo of kitten heels.....blogger would not let me upload a photo of them. ????????? I cannot show you the painting either......what, what, is blogger a critic now????????

I finished my "Lion Man" mask

this chair, her name is "Paloma". Made a painting, because I-needed-a-splash-of-red-in-one-part-of-the-family-room-to-compliment-the-new-red-chairs-we-ordered-weeks-ago-many-weeks-ago-and-that-have-not-arrived-yet......oh!-well.....yes, I stole - from MizBohemia.
Pilfer: to steal a small amount. 2006 Update: to steal interesting bits from fellow bloggers. Guess from whom I lifted that one? Yes!!!!! from the word and spelling master himself, Doug.

Our soon to be Danish Family.......they will be after the wedding on July 29, 2006........came for a visit. There were six members, our future daughter-in-law, our son, her parents, brother and sister. They all stayed with us, we had a wonderful time together and we are all happy about the upcoming union.
There were visits to NYC, my parent's home here in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington DC. They learned what summer is like in the southern part of the east coast......hot and humid. They saw a Yankees game in NYC. We had a big party for friends and family. A small party for family. Many American breakfasts, cocktails and dinners and much bonding.

Soon we will be in Denmark for the wedding. Then we will go to Iceland for a week. Life is good.
Psssst.........I did miss you, we will have fun together for another ten days or so, then I must leave you again, then I will return in three weeks.

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