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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blooms and Baby Faces

Posted by Mo'a :: 10:30 AM :: 18 Art Connoiseurs

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Monday, May 07, 2007

And The Winners Are.....

Having a contest is a lot of responsibility and it is important to do it right. I learned about this by entering contests on various blogs.

First I made sure that I had all the names of the lovely people that made comments on my blog.

Next step was to find a bag or something to place the names into....Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist was recently giving for a trade, these stunning bags from Trader Joe’s....I did not enter her contest, because I have a Trader Joe’s not to far away from my home...where I got this bag.

See, they are in there.

Now I need someone to draw names. Yes you lovely Brie!!! Please....she is a princess, so I must be polite and say please and thank you :)

You can do it!.....some people have their Dogs draw names.

I have done my work...and don’t talk about Dogs again!!!
See what I mean, she is a Princess?!?!?!

So Ken to the rescue he drew two names.....actually three, but don’t tell Brie I told you about this.....and while we are at it let’s not talk about Dogs either!!!.....She is very sensitive about this subject and I know she did her best.

Then I put the six Chrysalis I had made in the bag and drew one for each name. And the winners are.........

Leslie, Ulla of Ullabenulla and G. of simply said

There is more on To Live A Creative Life see you there.


Posted by Mo'a :: 10:05 AM :: 15 Art Connoiseurs

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