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Monday, May 29, 2006

Laurels and Strawberries

Cherish Yesterday
Dream Tomorrow
Live Today

Southern New Jersey has an incredible number of Laurels that are in full bloom right now. On our property alone we have somewhere around seventy Laurels that are in full boom. It is a sight to behold and I wanted to share it with you. Here are the ones that frame our Japanese style garden.

Yesterday we went to a local garden center to buy fresh produce, for the Neighborhood Memorial Day Party. While I was there, I bought some Big, Fresh, Juicy New Jersey Strawberries for my Strawberry loving friends.....enjoy.....I hope I bought enough.

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Monday, May 22, 2006


Alpha: “A”. Thank you Minka for giving me this excellent letter. I quote the Queen on how this works.
"If you comment on this entry and beg for a letter, I will give you one.
Thou shalt write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.
Of course, if you want to comment but not be assigned a letter, that's an option too.
I'll only design to assign letters to those who specifically ask for them if they pass the credit check and promise to take very good care of the letter."

Alba: White, my favorite color for flowers in the garden, I love the way they glow at dusk and in the moonlight. Alba is also my favorite color for bed linen, so clean and fresh.

Art: I live, breath and create art. I used to think that by hard work and discipline anyone could create art, now I know that it also takes talent. It would be ungrateful of me not to acknowledge the gift of talent that I have been given.
Anthropomorphic: To attribute human characteristics and form to inanimate objects and animals. I use this in much of my art.

Arctic Circle: Just a little part of North East Iceland juts into the Arctic Circle. The rest of Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream. Are you amused that I found a way to get my beloved Iceland into an “A” meme?

Age: Does not matter. Accept that we all will age and that we mark our age annually, with, if we are lucky, cake.

Anger: Our actions in time of anger may cause animosity. Anger can ruin ones health. Anger is.....in my opinion.....a selfish emotion and does not serve us well. Empathy will serve us much better.

Ast: Is an Icelandic word for love and affection. There is a comma over the “A” but I do believe it belongs here. It is an important word to me. I call those I love Astin Min......my love.

Angel: I have had many in my life and I do believe one of them saved my life.

Aloha: A Hawaiian word meaning hello and good-bye, welcome and farewell. It can also mean romantic love, affection and best wishes. Now, that to me is a great word to have in ones vocabulary.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Adventures In Paradise

Last April, I was fortunate to be able to go to an artist retreat on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. This retreat was in the home of fantasy artist Marilyn Radzat on Kawela Bay. Marilyn and her long time friend Gail Lackey also a fantasy artist, were our guides on our creative journey Ten women worked and played together for seven days, it was an experience I shall never forget.

Amma the gourd doll I created in Hawaii.

The Group....I am the fourth from the right.

Up a tree at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blueberries and Blossoms

I feel incredibly lucky to live only about 15 miles from where the Blueberry Capital of the World. That is their claim......the rumor is that Michigan is number one in blueberry production......however Hammonton, NJ sticks to their claim, as you can see by their big sign.
Blueberries have been my favorite berry since I was a little girl picking them from low bushes in the Icelandic lava fields.
This past weekend Ken and I went out to take pictures of flowering trees and bushes. Hope you enjoy them.

Blueberry Field

Close-up of a Blueberry Bush

Yellow Blossom of a Tulip tree.
Also known as Yellow Poplar

Star Magnolia

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Few Things About Me Me!!!!!

I was startled to realize that I had not posted for over a week. Life has a way of getting in the way of some things.
I wondered what I should blog about, as I am again out of practice, so I thought I would steal the idea from MizBohemia’s resent questionnaire post. I cannot promise that I will be as amusing or insightful as our MizB’s., however, I will have a go at it.
1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:30 as always. I get up to the smell of coffee and breakfast that my Dear Husband, has ready for me. Yes, I know I am a lucky woman and I hope that my male readers don’t feel the pressure....ladies, we have been married for 35 years and I made him breakfast for many of those years so lay off your man....he is doing alright.....however, he will see here what the possibilities are :)
2. Diamonds or pearls? Hmmmm!!! how come I cannot have both? I love both.....I also love silver jewelry and I love to make my own beaded jewelry.
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? I don’t remember.....I think it was “Ray”
4. What is your favorite TV show? Well, I like Masterpiece Theater and Mystery on PBS, and sometimes the Sopranos and Medium........very dull I am afraid.
5. What did you have for breakfast? Cereal with Banana, a plum and coffee.
6. What is your middle name? I don’t have one......I used to give myself one and once I used Lisa......you know Mo’a Lisa......well I thought it very elegant, until people started laughing and then I became Mo’a Kim.....but that did not fly either, so I gave up, until I got married then I used my maiden name as my middle by hyphenating my last name.......then some time later that became fashionable.....me the vanguard, boggles the mind.
7. What is your favorite food? I love ethnic food Mexican, Indian and Icelandic are my favorites.
8. What foods do you dislike? Spam, I think, I have not had it for a number of years.....I think I have had it at least once in my life......but I do love to hate it.
9. What kind of potato chips do you like? I hardly ever have them....but Cape Cod Potato Chips are what I buy when I buy chips.
10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? This will rock every ones boat......I don’t buy CD’s ..............the ones I have a given to me, mostly by my son and I don't have a favorite.
11. What kind of car do you drive? A VW Cabrio convertible.....actually all Cabrio’s are convertible....at the moment I am driving my Father’s Honda......my Cabrio is a manual shift and I am not quite up to shifting yet since my knee surgery.
12. Favorite sandwich? An open faced Smoked Salmon, with onion and cream cheese on dark rye.
13. What characteristics do you despise? I have always felt that it is not up to me to despise anything......although I dislike it when people are unkind to others.
14. Favorite item of clothing? A pair of silk pants that make me feel slim and apparently look slim also judging by the question “Have you lost weight” that is asked when I wear them.
15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? China and India.
16. What color is your bathroom? Gray and white......it looks clean but ever so dull....someday I will put my own stamp on it and paint it a color that makes me look good when I look in the mirror at the moment I just look pale when I steal a look.
17. What is your favorite brand of clothing? I don’t really have a favorite.....but I always have good luck at Chico’s. Like our MizB. I love to shop for bargains......I don’t like to pay full price for anything.
18. Where would you want to retire? That is assuming I could afford it. I would love to live in Iceland, Santa Fe, Hawaii, New York City, and Denmark. I like to dream.
19. Favorite time of day? At dusk in my garden.
20. Where were you born? Iceland
21. Favorite sport to watch? I don’t usually watch sports.
22. Who do you least expect to answer this???? Me....but here I am non the less.
23. Person you expect to answer first? What, what......I have no idea.
24. Coke or Pepsi? I don’t drink soda, pop, or tonic very often, but when I do, Diet Pepsi..
25. Are you a morning person or night owl? I love both, I don’t need more than six hours of sleep so I generally have both.
26. What size shoe do you wear. 8
27. Do you have any pets? I have a Brie a cat and a Canary by the name of Oli Moses...say it fast...yes that is how he got his name.....we love to laugh about silly things in my family.
28. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with everyone? I have already shared my exciting news :)
29. What did you want to be when you were little? An actress
30. Is the glass half empty or half full? Is it a glass of red vine?......well then it is just right.
31. What is your best childhood memory? They are all great......I grew up in Iceland and my childhood memories get better and better the older I get.
32. What are the different jobs you have had in your life? Baby sitter, worked in a grocery store when I was 14, before that I had a job turning salt fish,,,,,,,long story, Make-up artist, Guest Curator for several shows at a museum and a gallery, my last outside the home job was selling function space at a world class museum in Salem, Ma.
33. What color underwear are you wearing? What?!!!!!
34. Nicknames: None
35. Piercings? Yes, 4
36. Eye color: Depends.....gray, blue, green......they change often, I don’t know why...... no yellow, that can be seen, but there has to be, since blue and yellow make green.
37. Ever been to Africa? No
38. Ever been toilet papering? What?
39. Love someone so much it made you cry? Yes!!!
40. Been in a car accident? Yes, two.
41. Croutons or bacon bits? Where?
42. Favorite day of the week? Monday......OK!!!!!.....that was for effect......I give everyday a chance.
43. Favorite flower? I love all white flowers.....they look so wonderful in the garden at dusk and in the moonlight.....I love leaves and the many shapes and colors they can have and yellow roses.
44. Favorite ice cream? Chocolate
45. Disney or Warner Brothers? I don't know, both I guess.
46. Favorite fast food restaurant? I don’t have a favorite.....I don’t much like them.
47. What color is your bedroom carpet? Blue
48. Failed your drivers test? No.
49. From whom did you get your last e-mail? MizBohemia and my son this morning.
50. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? I would never do that, to practical
51. What do you most often do when you are bored? I am never bored.....to me being bored is a waste of time.
52. Bedtime? I read and go to sleep.
53. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire? I already read MizBohemias.
54. Last person you went to dinner with? My Book Club last night.
55. Lake, Ocean or river? I have lived by each and I love them all..
56. How many tattoos do you have? None
57. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? You think I would have the answer to that?
58. How many people are you tagging with this? No tags.....I am a novice and just figured out what a meme is.....Ok!!! so I am slow.

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